the bench

These benches in via Margutta date from just about Michelangelo’s times.  Like all edges and stone steps in Rome, their corners are softened by wear. Just above, the grapevine. Sit here with someone you love. You have a whole world of things to tell each other.

I’m baaaack!

You can go strange places even without moving from your home. I hope you enjoyed great holidays, the space here below for your new year propositions. Come on, use it, so that we can be together in this new beginning.

some tea?

Oggi propenderei per una passeggiata nel freddo e un tè a lume di candela. Today I’m all for a walk in the cold and a tea by candlelight.

the cow

(carpenter workshop window, Rue Elzevir, Paris) My heart leapt. Despite being pummelled by sheets of icy rain, I had to run back and take this picture.