Let’s fix politics

Blame social media all you want, there’s something terribly sick and eroded in our politics, not just in the US, and it’s been coming for a long time. That’s what we should fix and heal. Politics is not activism, which healthily brings our actions to the streets and in the public space, nor journalism, counteracting lies and abuses of power – it can’t live without them but it’s not them. Politics is getting your hands dirty negotiating with those who have different opinions, fighting for fair representation for all, aiming for compromise, translating ideals into solutions that institutions can deliver, living politics in the body, planning for the long term and not just lobbying for tomorrow, and studying studying studying. It’s tiring and hard and sometimes boring and noone decent wants to do it anymore. But being disgusted by politics is a surefire way to abdicate and leave it to the Trumps of the world. Focus should be on building a fairer, stronger, more inclusive political life rather than just hunting the Trumps away.

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