grandma with a skull ring


Keith Richards, Hotel Meurice, Paris, 8/11/10

Now that’s what I was doing in Paris. I got me a great conversation for radio, a beautiful autograph on my copy of Life, and a kiss on the cheek. A Swedish colleague apparently got a punch in the head the following day. I didn’t exactly expect anything, but it ended up being quite a big thrill. Great Welsh wit, a quick temper, a thouroghly disarming smile, an infectious love of music, eyes that contain a world of memories. Out on the Rue de Rivoli all lighted for the night I felt very, very lucky.

Stanley Péan

(this article was originally posted on Alaska at Radio Popolare) Oggi ospite in diretta Stanley Péan, scrittore, jazzista, personalità radiofonica e blogger. Stanley Péan è haitiano e vive in Canada, dove è presidente dell’associazione degli scrittori del Quebec. Il giorno del terremoto era proprio in viaggio verso Port-au-Prince per un festival letterario. Il suo ultimo… Continue reading