Noah’s ark

Quando racconto agli amici tutto quello che abbiamo visto alla Cineteca di Bologna, sembra che siamo stati via un mese. Siccome è impossibile riassumere tutto in poche righe, andrò per titoli: una minicittà nella città; gli edifici ristrutturati di una ex manifattura tabacchi e di un ex macello ridisegnato da Aldo Rossi; in mezzo i… Continue reading

to leave


Hello everyone, just back from a mission, a wonderful place in Bologna where 80 people work at the most incredible film archive you can imagine, I’ll tell you more about it on Monday. Train trip was foggy and wet, it rained all day, but train travel frees my muscles and my mind, and it was definitely cool to be able to bring my camera everywhere. I’m starting to be a little dizzy with the possibilities. I hope you like the “make-up” photo here, it was kind of stolen and all the more exciting because of that. Great conversations on the train, and today – following my new minimum expense-maximum freedom policy, I bought me a plane ticket. It feels so good it hurts: New York City. What shall I bring you?


Does it ever happen to you to say “I’m very good at this”, or, “I really love doing this” – like speaking urdu, wall jumping with a skateboard, or cross-stitching – just to realize suddenly that you’re not sure at all you can still do it? That something that once even used to define your personality… Continue reading