You’ll find me at sea

When I arrived to Thessaloniki, Greece for a conference, I was grumpy, worried by my own personal shortcomings and difficulties, plagued by thoughts about the future of the world, projecting worst case scenarios wherever I looked. For sometime now, I have been recovering from vicarious trauma symptoms, and I occasionally experience setbacks, especially at this… Continue reading

Brand new ancients

“The Gods are all here. Because the gods are in us.

The gods are in the betting shops
the gods are in the caff
the gods are smoking fags out the back
the gods are in the office blocks
the gods are at their desks
the gods are sick of always giving more and getting less the gods are at the rave –
two pills deep into dancing –
the gods are in the alleyway laughing
the gods are at the doctor’s
they need a little something for the stress
the gods are in the toilets having unprotected sex
the gods are in the supermarket

the gods are walking home,
the gods can’t stop checking Facebook on their phones”

(Kate Tempest, “Brand New Ancients”)